We offer a wide range of delicious breads on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. This page will tell you what breads are being made on which days so you can easily pick out your favourites!

The 'Ovals'

 Hand shaped and proved in handmade cane bannetons before baking on stone in our specialist artisan bread oven.

'The Westcountry' 

Made from sieved and wholemeal (80/20%) flours grown and stone milled in Cornwall. Baked using a 'pre-ferment' process to bring out the best from this regional flour.

'Best British' 

UK No. 1 white flour from a Gloucestershire mill, producing a creamy white loaf with both texture and taste.

'The Heavy' 

100% Cornish wholemeal - say no more!

Something Different ..............(by special order)

'The Big Bere Ciabatta' 

Taking over 24 hours to prepare by hand using traditional Italian methods - Bellisima!

'The Footlong Focaccia' 

Guaranteed at least 12 inches square. Using fine virgin olive oil and topped with sea salt and either olives or rosemary. You choose....mmmmmmmmm.

'The Big Red' 

A double sized spiral of creamy white bread with my own homemade Red Onion Marmalade made using Modena Balsamic vinegar and Dark Muscovado Sugar.


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